EHR now with detailed photos

New Reference Standard 

The 21st century has brought about incredible technology. Mobile device cameras  attach to your slit lamp eyepieces for documentation leading to improved patient outcomes. Now images tell the story adding detail to your chart notes. Precisely follow punctuate keratopathy, blepharitis, pterygiums...and most external diseases.  

The new i-Fundus Camera for the iPhone or iPad is remarkable. Instead of the current, difficult to use, hand held lens and its limited slit view, our Fundus camera will give you a full field posterior pole Fundus photo! The camera image records all the detail which you will always have for reference. The digital photo enhancement technology brings out detail that goes beyond the most expensive Fundus cameras are on the market.  
EyePhotoDoc on iPad air2

Your EyePhotoDoc ™ slit lamp camera on the eyepiece ready for use.  

Seen here iPad 

*iPhones and any iPads can also be used. 
EyePhotoDoc Fundus ExamCam™

Your slit lamp stabilizes the portable Fundus ExamCam™ allowing for unprecedented quality photos. 

Direct photo entry into EMA™

Transfer your photos directly into your EHR!

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