Quickly take a picture

Watch how easy it is to use:

Once you place  your iPhone or iPad into our case you can instantly slide your device onto your eyepiece!  Instant photo 


EyePhotoDoc iPad Multi with leveler

No compromise 12 megapixel images 

EHR photo of dry eye

The photos are integrated into your Electronic Health Records.

A detailed photo is more useful than words. 

Electronically enhanced fluorescein corneal stain

Advantages of still photography for abnormal tear film and corneal stain

  • Shows both the aqueous and oil layer 
  • Digital enhancement of fluorescein staining of the cornea   Click here for details
  • Shows lid margin and miebomian gland abnormalities  

Corneal dystrophy

 Follow the progression of any disorder

Low grade blepharitis

 Use in followup of treatment of blepharitis. No longer guess if there is improvements and evaluate different antibiotics etc

Watch this video showing what an EyePhotoDoc™ Apple camera can do

 Photography is an important tool in tear film deficiency and ocular surface disorders. It allows analysis of the problem and precisely follows the effectiveness of your treatment. The fluorescein photos have been a great help for patient understanding