EHR instant Fundus ExamCam™ by EyePhotoDoc™️

 The iPhone based ExamCam™️ never misses any clinical findings unlike the commonly used handheld Fundus lens. Forget chasing the eye around with a bright light. In an instant, finds and records everything to your EHR. 

The current telephoto lenses on the IPhone X and Max gives photos  rivaling  systems costing 5 to 10 times as much. 

 Listed below are the advanced features:*

1. Very easy to use

2. Can remain on your slit lamp or it is portable to every room

3. Our exclusive system shows elevation and folds not seen with other exam methods

4. Sends photos directly  to your EHR computer

5. Low light level conveniently examines even the most light-sensitive patient

6. Photos can be enhanced to accentuate  details such as Drusen or macular folds

*All this at an affordable price!

While the old 5 degree slit view visualizes detail, the bright light washes out contrast and misses important findings such as early retinal pigment epithelial changes, drusen, and retinal folds. 

The camera records 40+ degrees of the posterior pole for diagnostic examination and precise size and location of findings. 
Photo enhancement as used in outer space exploration can now be used to examine the inner eye and its detail. These apps are on the Apple products. 

The Apple iPhone takes an all-inclusive photo, never misses a detail, and automatically sends them in the iCloud to your EHR.
Photos of pathology are billable and help reduce your EHR costs. Photos are more helpful than word descriptions and drawings. 

Previously, we used a handheld slit lamp lens for examining the fundus and then '"recorded" the findings. That system has many drawbacks. Not all patients can tolerate the light and details get lost because of the narrow slit.  Drawings lack detail as compared to photos. 

Tech using ExamCam™

Improves work flow and practice revenues

Taking a photo contemporaneously with the exam improves care. The staff can take photos when the patient is in the exam room after dilation since the camera is easily moved. They are ready before the medical exam. 

  1.  Techs find it easier to use than the Goldman tonometer or the OCT machine. They feel engaged in patient care and if pathology is present, it is billable.   

  1. Your exam begins with a photo allowing you to center in on pathology. Since there is no more "chasing  non-fixing  watery eye" the process speeds up the exam! 
EHR Fundus ExamCam for iPhone

EHR Fundus ExamCam for iPhone See Photos

The iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are highly recommended for this particular product due to the extra detail in the retina captured by their telephoto cameras!

Our system documents common retinal problems; to name a few:
  • Glaucomatous optic nerve damage
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Diabetic Retinopathy     

Visit for more information about EHR Fundus ExamCam!

In summary, the Fundus exam has evolved!

We now examine and record retinal findings into our EHR. For decades, we have been examining the fundus as viewed through our slit lamps using handheld lenses. It was very easy to miss important findings. 
Using today's technology we no longer have sketches and non-precise written documentation into our EHRs

Using the Apple phone’s computer the images can be sharpened, filters can be applied to  accentuate pathology such as choroidal atrophy and drusen. This is just the beginning. 

EHR Fundus ExamCam™ advantages for patient care

  • 45 degree fundus photos
  • Conveniently take fundus photos on any of your slit lamp
  • Fundus photos directly into your EHR
  • Sharing Fundus photos improve patient engagement
  • Fundus images are HiRes or Video
  • HiRes fundus videos to view the retinal quadrants
  • Special low light Fundus examinations possible
  • Digital enhancements of fundus photos through cloudy media to accentuate pathology


ProCamera Quick Start Guide - for EHR Fundus ExamCam

For more information on the app, visit their website here.

*For doctors and staff, we now include an artificial eye to practice on.