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iFundus ExamCam


A new approach to the fundus exam.

Paired with your iPhone, iFundus ExamCam revolutionizes the traditional 78D lens exam.

Take photos of the posterior pole on virtually any slit lamp model.

This powerful exam tool can be used in every exam lane without the need for image-compromising beam splitters or expensive, multi-faceted imaging systems.


Starting at $2,395
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There when you need it, gone when you don't...

iFundus ExamCam is mounted to virtually any slit lamp's articulation joint and requires no tools to install. Carefully designed with the workflow of eye care professionals and their routine slit lamp exams in mind, our product stays out of the way when not in use and instantly swings into place when it comes time to conduct a fundus exam.

...but you'll always need it!

See the clear difference between the traditional 78D lens exam and the view captured by iFundus ExamCam. An all-inclusive view of the posterior pole has never been this easy to examine! Take a look >

Point and shoot.

If you've ever taken a photo on smartphone or tablet, you already know how to use iFundus ExamCam. ProCamera is a highly-recommended app for this product and is nearly as easy to use as the Camera app that comes standard on iPhone. Easily adjust light sensitivity for photophobic patients, display the fundus in correct anatomical view, focus the camera on pathology of interest, and more.

Illustrate electronic health records.

Pathology recorded in a brilliant photo is much more detailed than could ever be described in written words. Take photos from directly within your EHR app or sync them instantaneously to your desktop-based system using iCloud Photo Library -- built in to Apple products and compatible with your Mac or PC desktop computer.

What's here today is improved tomorrow.

You'll benefit from the imaging power of Apple technology, including image stabilization and 4K video, to study and exhibit eye photos in high definition. As Apple's camera technology advances year after year, iFundus ExamCam may be upgraded in parallel with ease. Upgrade Program details coming soon.

Engage patients in their eye care.

Dazzle patients and their loved ones with fascinating photos of their eyes. Wirelessly display images on monitors in your exam lanes using AirPlay on Apple TV. Seamlessly send images from your Apple device to your patients' iPhone via AirDrop, text or e-mail with just a few screen taps.

Quickly pays for itself, then provides incremental revenue.

Fundus photos with applicable diagnoses (CPT code 92250), may be billed to insurance companies. With reimbursement amounts in excess of $75 per incident, it's easy to see the potential that photos taken with iFundus ExamCam have to quickly pay for the device itself and help defray your business operating costs.

We guarantee you'll like it.

While we are confident all customers will be delighted by the quality, benefits and ease of use of our products, we realize iFundus ExamCam may not suit the needs of every eye care professional. Rest assured, all of our products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Learn more >