Proper Lighting for slit lamp photography

Proper lighting is essential for all photography. Most professional photographers spend more money on lighting than their cameras!  We offer an essential state-of-the-art  illumination system for no compromise photography at a fraction of the cost charged by slit lamp manufactures.    
Two important points: 
1. The slit light needs background illumination to avoid a grainy photo. 

2. More than half of all photos require full field illumination without the slit.

Our Essential illuminator: 

The illuminator has a color correct LED and a cobalt blue light. It easily attaches to your slit lamp tower and permits the proper angle and direction of the light and shadows. Use the rheostat so you can adjust the intensity and lock in the Exposure Value and the Focus setting to display pathology.  

This is an essential part of taking good slit lamp photos.

 To facilitate the instant on and off of the apple camera adapters we recommend obtaining an essential illuminator for each slit lamp. They can be purchased as a kit with the Doc-it™ ring at a reduced price.