Doc-it Rings

When a doctor has multiple brands (Haag Streit, Topcon, Zeiss or Marco)  with different  generations of slit lamps we convert the eyepiece with a  Doc-it™ ring. This stays on all the time ready to receive any EyePhotoDoc™ case.

These adapters give the most precise fit. Once installed any future Apple™ device with our case will fit. Now you can use the same apple device on any slit lamp generation or brand.  This allows you to  take  pictures in any room increasing workflow. No longer will you be locked into an expensive outdated companies camera while saving tens of thousands of dollars.

*Additional rings are sold separately for $105

*Custom rings are sold at $150  These are made from our exclusive Pi ruler

*Convenience package Doc-it™ ring with essential illuminator $375 

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Haag-Streit BQ to multi EyePhotoDoc™
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Haag-Streit to multi-adapters Doc-it™ ring:

Remove the sliding cap on the left eyepiece and mount the ring for use of your device on different models or brands. 

BM to multi Eyephotodoc™
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Haag-Streit BM Doc-it™ ring to multi-adapter

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 Marco Multi-adapter

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 Zeiss multi-adapters

Multi Brand Custom Split ring $160

Eyephotodoc™ split ring collar
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Split-ring. This will fit most scopes but requires a measurement of the diameter of eyepiece and the eyepiece relief. (Distance from eyepiece to eye usually 5mm to 18 mm.  Critical for maximum camera image size and brightness.) This is close for old style eyepiece and high for newer eyepieces with eye spacer. Contact us for more information at 

Additional Doc-it Ring + Essential Illuminator - $375.00

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