Portable iSlit Lamp (anterior segment)

Take a picture anywhere. So intuitive and easy  to use your staff can take pictures without knowing how to use a slit lamp. 

  • Never move a patient from a wheelchair
  • Use in hospitals
  • Missionary work
  • Nursing care facilities
  • ADA

Check out the new 7 plus telephoto I-slit lamp with higher resolution images and videos

Portable slit lamp for iPhone showing granular dystrophy


Portable slit lamp for iPad Mini 4

iPad mini 4 

 The new iPhone 7 plus has a telephoto lens that acts to give optical magnification. Combined with our optics, and Apple's video stabilization, it allows 4K video that is as stunning as the demonstrations seen at Costco or Best Buy!  Rarely does a product exceed the expectations of its designer as this has.  You can call to preorder now for December delivery. 

Samsung S8 portable slit lamp

 The Samsung S8 is now available for the portable slit lamp