Advantages of buying on the internet

Technology has changed our lives.  Have you ever felt ophthalmic equipment is over priced for what you receive? Here is why:

When you deal with a sales group there is an additional expense in retail markups. You pay 40% or more on every product for there is:

  • Expensive journal advertising
  • Salesmen salaries and commissions 
  • Medical meetings to display and sell
  • Bricks and mortar showrooms and warehouses.  

Today internet businesses have changed everything such as Amazon has demonstrated and we use the same policy:

  • PayPal safety to buyer and seller
  • Equipment costs 40%  less because of no middlemen.   
  • Internet descriptions with videos are more detailed and informative than salespersons' knowledge. 
  • Email and direct access to answering questions from doctors. 
  • 30 day return 
  • Buy from anywhere in the world. 
  • Arrives on your office steps.

Check out our Return Policy for more information