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Slit Lamp Photography Systems for iPad & iPhone by EyePhotoDoc™️ International

EHR  Fundus ExamCam™ by EyePhotoDoc™️

Retinal Examcam
Retinal Examcam

Retinal slit lamp Camera

This represents a break through product. The retinal camera reimagined allows low light examinations of the eye on  dilated patients and a documenting photo when pathology is present. All with the convenience ready  on your slit lamp.  

Now reimbursed by VSP

Danger in not seeing!
Danger in not seeing!

Low light level fundus exam

The bright light of a slit lamp fundus lens make the eye water and the lids to squeeze.  Our light intensifier gives color images and a more thorough fundus exam. Designed to use on every dilated exam. 

Iphone retinal camera designed by eye doctor

 The iPhone based ExamCam™️ never misses any clinical findings unlike the commonly used handheld Fundus lens. Forget chasing the eye around with a bright light. In an instant, find and record everything to your EHR. 
 Listed below are the advanced features:*

1. It can either remain on your slit lamp or is portable to every room
2. Our exclusive system shows elevation and folds not seen with other retinal cameras
3.Sends photos for free directly  to your EHR 
4.Low light level conveniently examines even the most light-sensitive patient
5.Photos can be enhanced 
*All this at an affordable price!

Wider field of camera
Wider field of camera

The slit can miss things!

While the old 5 degree slit view visualizes detail, the bright light washes out contrast and misses important findings such as early retinal pigment epithelial changes, drusen, and retinal folds. 

Faster to move camera than the patient!

New January 2020 LED monocular fixation
New January 2020 LED monocular fixation

Easiest fixation ever

New triangular fixation uses 1. height of the camera, 2. photographed eye fixating on a LED, 3. Camera focusing spot on the cornea.

Staff quickly learns and enjoys taking photos

Improves work flow and practice revenues

Taking a photo contemporaneously with the exam improves care. The staff can take photos when the patient is in the exam room after dilation since the camera is easily moved. They are ready before the medical exam. 

  1.  Techs find it easier to use than the Goldman tonometer or the OCT machine. They feel engaged in patient care and if pathology is present, it is billable.   

More information

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EHR Fundus ExamCam Quick Start Guide

ProCamera Quick Start Guide - for EHR Fundus ExamCam

For more information on the app, visit their website here.

*For doctors and staff, we now include an artificial eye to practice on.

Fundus camera $2150
Fundus camera $2150

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Clifford Terry,MD