Medical Grade Slit Lamp Photography Systems for iPad & iPhone by EyePhotoDoc™️

Proper Lighting for slit lamp photography

You get everything you need in the basic package. However there is an important upgrade for dry eye and ocular surface disorders

Every EyePhotoDoc™️ comes complete with an illuminator.

Proper lighting is essential for all photography. Most professional photographers spend more money on lighting than their cameras!  We offer an essential state-of-the-art  illumination system for no-compromise photography at a fraction of the cost charged by slit lamp manufacturers.

Two important points: 

1. The slit light needs background illumination to avoid a grainy photo. 

2. More than half of all photos require full field illumination without the slit.

Advantage of essential illuminator
Advantage of essential illuminator

Best lighting for slit lamp photography


The Essential illuminator: 

The illuminator has a color-correct LED to avoid the ‘purple skin’ seen in other photographic systems. It also contains a cobalt blue light used for a better fluorescein examination. The light easily attaches to your slit lamp tower and permits turning the light for optimal shadowing. 

A special rheostat is used to adjust the intensity of the light for the best exposure value, giving professional quality images.    

This is an essential part of taking good slit lamp photos.

Complete EyePhotoDoc™️ package
Complete EyePhotoDoc™️ package

Everything you need comes with the unit

The illuminator now comes with choices. The standard and the new and important Fluorescein Augmentation filter and Led Enhancer Exciter.  The new illuminator is designed especially for ocular surface disorders and tear film analysis. 

Eyephotodoc essential illuminator

The Illuminator contains a rechargeable battery and a special electronic system to optimize the light for the Apple camera.  It is contained in an assembly that is office friendly and cannot be easily broken. The units are included in each EyePhotoDoc system.  It is portable between scopes. 

New option.    Photostation

Now each slit lamp can be set up that you only need to slide on the Eyephotodoc and the illumination source is there ready to go. It is a compact LED background illuminator that has no wires and has a brightness adjuster. 

Fluorescein Enhancement LED
Fluorescein Enhancement LED

New option. Fluorescein Enhancer for tear film analysis

If you see many dry eye patients this is an important option. It allows photographic analysis of every detail of punctate stain and tear film flow. It has a slide in augmentation filter and special canthus to canthus fluorescein exciter. It is a $200 option and currently needs to be special ordered at 714 871-9221