Medical Grade Slit Lamp Photography Systems for iPad & iPhone by EyePhotoDoc™️

EyePhotoDoc for iPad & iPhone was designed by eye doctors for eye doctors

Advantages of EyePhotoDoc

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EyePhotoDoc EHR Examcam slit lamp and fundus cameras are revolutionary. Photography is no longer for the unusual case but are part of every exam allowing you to follow changes.

 This is possible since the camera is not only very easy to use and  doesn’t slow you down.  Are 2000 users take many important photos everyday. You'll benefit from the following:

  • The same device can move from room to room with ease
  • Photos taken can be shared with patients via AirDrop, e-mail or text
  • iCloud technology allows for seamless, no-cost syncing of photos to EHR/EMR systems

Simple to use

 EyePhotoDoc is so easy to use. Simply place your iPad into our case and leave it there. Take it with you to any room. When important findings are seen, simply slide the EyePhotoDoc camera onto the left eyepiece, focus and take a picture. HIPAA-compliant iCloud sends it to your EHR.  Never compromise the optics of a high quality slit lamp with a beam splitter!

Quickly slide the EYEPHOTODOC onto the slit lamp and take a picture

Types of Apple devices and advantages of each

Comparison of Apple Devices

Recommended Options

The iPad Pro 9.7",iPad Pro 10.5", and iPad 11 are the most popular devices for EyePhotoDoc products. They feature a 12 megapixel camera and also have 4K video capability. In addition, the screens have higher resolution and allow for the clearest display of pathology as possible. 

Please note: The iPad Pro 12.9" is available but requires special handling

The iPad models have larger screens for showing patients their eye findings.

iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X and 10 Max are Apple's latest smartphones with 12 megapixel advanced dual cameras. The resulting picture quality is as good as the iPad Pro models with the added benefit of being "pocket portable." 

Other Options

iPhone SE, 6S, 7 and 8 feature standard 12 megapixel cameras. They perform nearly as good as the cameras on the latest iPhone models and are more than sufficient for capturing anterior segment photos.

The iPad mini 4 and 5 have an 8 megapixel camera. It gives a good presentation to the patient of their eye findings and conveniently fits in a clinical coat pocket, making it the most portable iPad option available.

Although we do fit a few other later iPad/iPhone models, which provide sufficient photo quality, we consider them to be "special order" since they are not kept in stock. Please see available models when placing your order.


EyePhotoDoc™ for iPad Mini 4
EyePhotoDoc™ for iPad Mini 4

The Eyephotodoc includes a case with adapters and necessary doc-it rings  along with the essential illuminator

Every EyePhotoDoc system includes the Essential Illuminator seen here. Good photos always require proper lighting. Most eye doctors prefer an Essential Illuminator on every slit lamp for the convenience of use.  Learn more

The same Eyephotodoc adapter can fit all your slit lamps of different makes 

EyePhotoDoc is compatible with virtually any slit lamp model, including but not limited to these leading brands:

The doc-it ring stays on the eyepiece to attach your Eyephotodoc

When an EyePhotoDoc is ordered for Topcon, CSO, Marco, Zeiss and other brand slit lamps, we include a professional quality multi adapter for just the right fit. Applied to the left eyepiece, the Doc-it™ Ring remains permanently on the slit lamp for rapid camera alignment. The same Apple device can be used in multiple exam lanes with different slit lamp models using additional Doc-it™ Rings, saving tens of thousands of dollars. Learn more

Read the differences

Comparison of Marco ion to EyePhotoDoc™


  • It fits permanently onto your microscope
  • Allows simultaneous exam through your ocular
  • Proprietary software  
  • Leaves your iPhone on your slit lamp 
  • Only one room, not portable to all exam lanes 
  • Cannot accommodate all series iPhones and may not fit future iPhones 
  • Cannot accommodate iPads 
  • Not easy to take off phone to show patient's pictures 
  • Beam splitter always in optical path degrading slit lamp optics
  • Does not allow use of any photo app or editing software
  • You can buy several iPhones, iPads, EyePhotoDoc™ systems and outfit multiple rooms for less than a single ion.    
Click here to visit Marco for more information about ion.

our new 2020 release of a dedicated slit lamp camera for mobility

If you do not have an EyePhotoDoc™ compatible slit lamp, consider the iSlit Lamp™. Take a picture anywhere and not tie up an exam lane. So intuitive and easy to use, your staff can take pictures without knowing how to use a slit lamp. Click here for more information.

The basics of slit lamp photography