Medical Grade Slit Lamp Photography Systems for iPad & iPhone by EyePhotoDoc™️

EyePhotoDoc for iPad & iPhone was designed by eye doctors for eye doctors...

Advantages of EyePhotoDoc

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EyePhotoDoc EHR Examcam slit lamp and fundus cameras are revolutionary. Photography is no longer for the unusual case but for every exam when  you need to follow changes.

 The camera is Apple easy. 

  • The Eyephotodoc™️ can move from room to room with ease
  • Photos taken can be shared with patients via AirDrop, e-mail or text
  • iCloud technology allows for seamless, no-cost syncing of photos to EHR/EMR systems

Simple to use

 EyePhotoDoc is so easy to use. Simply place your iPad into our case and leave it there. Take it with you to any room. When important findings are seen, simply slide the EyePhotoDoc camera onto the left eyepiece, focus and take a picture. HIPAA-compliant iCloud sends it to your EHR.  Never compromise the optics of a high quality slit lamp with a beam splitter!

The same Eyephotodoc™️ Multiadapter can fit all your slit lamps of different makes 

EyePhotoDoc is compatible with virtually any slit lamp model.  This is done by rings that go around the left eyepiece and stay there. It adapts the eyepiece for a precision fit to the Multi Eyephotodoc. We call them. docit ™️ rings. including but not limited to these leading brands:

Two types of adapters

If you have only Haag-Streit Slit lamps of the same series we have specific adapters to fit them.  Example: if you have only BQs in your office we fit all of them.  However if you have a mix of BQs and  BMs you will need each to have a multiadapter collar   If you have a mix of slit lamps (click or tap here) of different series or brands we have a multi adapter. You attach a stay-on multi adapter collar (doc-it ring) around the left eyepiece which permits precise and rapid on and off insertion of the Eyephotodoc™️

Photo station

New for 2020 is the Photostation. Multiple users have asked for a high quality illuminator to remain on each  slit lamp. The logic being the easier to take a photo the better. We developed a full function white LED with an adjustable intensity background illuminator that is wireless and inexpensive. The PhotoStation with Eyepiece collar is as low as $295.