Medical Grade Slit Lamp Photography Systems for iPad & iPhone by EyePhotoDoc™️

 Illustrate your EHR with photos!

We fit most Apple iPhones and iPads
We fit most Apple iPhones and iPads


If you already own one of these devices simply place it our Eyephotodoc™️ professional grade cases and enjoy the world of Apple connectivity. The hipaa compliant Icloud and airdrop make you connected to your patient, and to all your office computers. 
EyePhotoDoc™️ for iPhone or iPad from $685 up with illuminator
EyePhotoDoc™️ for iPhone or iPad from $685 up with illuminator

Eyephotodoc™️ cases for slit lamp photography

We offer a complete photographic package for either your iPhone or iPad that includes the case, adapter and lighting.   

 Cutting edge photos brings your EHR to the most descriptive records ever!

Our camera system was developed by an eye doctor who uses it everyday to transform patient records and patient consultations.  Uniquely,  they  go to every room and  upload photos automatically to your computer.  Photos are taken by the clinician or staff in under a minute! They can go onto any slitlamp meaning that you need only one EyePhotoDoc for all your lanes!  

Please read about our new  ground breaking slit lamp retinal camera.  It examines all patients with low light levels for patient comfort. The field is much broader than a slit to insure never missing a finding. When pathology is present simply take a picture for permanent EHR documentation. Innovative technology that surpasses anything available!

EyePhotodoc photos improves your patient care

  1.  The Eyephotodoc™️ is a time saver since it can go to any examine lane so you never have to move a patient.   Our exclusive eyepiece Doc-it™️ ring  fits most slit lamp brands and models. If your office has a mix of Haag-Streit, Topcon or Marco the same EyePhotodoc™️ can fit them all.  

                   Practice benefits:  

  • Photos describe pathology better than words 
  • Use photos to monitor changes 
  • Insurance reimburses $20-$80 
  • iCloud automatically sends photos to EHR  
  • Provides legal documentation
  • Show the patient their photo!

 With photos and videos like these, why pay more when the other cameras can slow you down?

Photos are a game changer in evaluating whether a treatment is working. Examples include dry eyes, blepharitis, macular degeneration etc. see below:

Ocular surface disorders
Ocular surface disorders

Use Apple iCloud to send photos to EHR

Any abnormality is  permanently documented in your medical record

Follow clinical changes


Meibomian gland dysfunction
Meibomian gland dysfunction

Meibomian gland dysfunction

Diagnose and treat meibomian gland dysfunction

Document and show patients their eyes

 Slit lamp examination and upload to EHR

Unbelievable high quality photos

Photos you can show patients and send to your EHR

One device fits on different brands of slit lamps in your office

EyePhotoDoc Slit Lamp Adapter 

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