Slit Lamp Photography

Slit Lamp Photography


Installation guides

Topcon collars

Theses collar can slide forward and back.  This allows optimal focus and image size. Movement  finds  the perfect focus for any slit lamp.  

Place the EyePhotoDoc onto the collar and gently move the collar with the Apple device back and forth until it is the optimal focus.  Tighten set screw.          See below

Collar installation  for Haag-Streit, Zeiss, CSO with sliding glare guards

In order to get proper centration, the rarely used glare guard needs to be removed. All of he glare guards pull off by extending them and rocking it until it comes loose. Remove the keeper spring and place the collar on.

See below

Marco Ultra and older Zeiss oculars

The rubber guard unscrews. The collar goes with the flat toward you. It has a cavity that that keeps it firmly attached away from you. Screw on the guard. 

Collar for BM and Clones 

A collar goes on the ocular which is very sturdy. The ocular is pulled out and the collar is inserted from the back. The cone goes toward black flange  and recess into it.  

Haag-Streit BM BQ/BP BC/BD (without multiple eyepiece collars)

The ‘horse shoe’ goes directly on the eyepiece. 
The BM and clones locks on the outer lip. 
The ‘horse shoe’ for Haag-Streit BQ,BP, BC,BD, BI require moving the left guard forward for insertion on the ocular barrel. 
They fit all eyepieces of the same brand. If you have a mix of scopes the multi receiver and collars are necessary. 

Background illuminators

Intuitively it is confusing why we need a background illuminator since everything is so clear with a slit lamp. Cameras are not as sensitive as our eyes to low light level and can not photograph high contrasts in brightness. The illuminator allows an ‘accurate’ image.  

Guided installation

If you want help installing the EyePhotoDoc it is as easy as a prearranged FaceTime call. On checkout indicate our installation program which is only $75.00.  All our equipment is sold at our costs so tech time needs to be reimbursed to keep the costs low. 

Clifford Terry,MD