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Slit Lamp Photography Systems for iPad & iPhone by EyePhotoDoc™️ International


Additional  slit lamps eyepiece collars

Your EyePhotoDoc™️ can be used throughout your office

Take your camera with you and never have to move a patient. For only $150  each,  your EyePhotoDoc™️ is available on all your slit lamps. A must for EHR.   
Note: Haag-Streit non collar receivers can be used on the same series scope. Example all BM receivers will fit any BM but not BQ/BP etc
Eyepiece collars
Eyepiece collars

Take photos on any slit lamp for $150 per collar. 

Simply install  a semi permanently custom collar to your left eyepiece.  They allow instant on/off of the EyePhotodoc™️. Below are an examples of commonly ordered collars. 

Haag-Streit, Topcon, and Marco below:

Collars can save $5,000 or more per room!

We make over 50 different collars all machined to hundredths of a mm. 
Tech note:The aircraft grade aluminum provides the proper focal distance,  centration and perpendicularity. 


$150 each
Clifford Terry,MD