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Medical Grade Slit Lamp Photography Systems for iPad & iPhone by EyePhotoDoc™️

Extra slit lamps adapters

Our exclusive ability to fit all your slit lamps

It is much more efficient to have camera capabilities in all exam lanes so you do not have to move the patient. We have taken away the past expense, and complexity to have a slit lamp camera  in every lane! 
Eyepiece collars
Eyepiece collars

Eyepiece collars for each scope allow the use of the same Eyephotodoc™️ on all your scopes 

Simply attach a semi permanently collar to your eyepiece.  They stay on the left eyepiece and allow instant on/off EyePhotodoc™️ use. Below are an examples of commonly ordered collars. 

See Haag-Streit, Topcon, and Marco below:
PhotoStation with collar and tower clip $400 with LED concentrator
PhotoStation with collar and tower clip $400 with LED concentrator

PhotoStations starting at $325 for additional scopes.

The Eyephotodoc package makes every scope a convenient PhotoStation. Simply engage the Eyephotodoc, turn on the Illuminator and take a picture  You have a choice of several packages.   

1. Collar purchased separately for eyepiece $200

2. Collar with White light PhotoStation™️ $325

3. Collar with fluorescein exciter/concentrator $400