Medical Grade Slit Lamp Photography Systems for iPad & iPhone by EyePhotoDoc™️

Fluorescein augmentation filter and  canthus to canthus illuminator for ocular surface/tearfilm disorders  

Full field fluorescein LED exciter
Full field fluorescein LED exciter

Fluorescein Augmentation filter and light

The special fluorescein exciting LED light is focused for more intensity and a broader field. The typical slit lamp exciter lights were intended to diagnose corneal abrasions. In our tear film work we found watching the entire blink, from canthus to canthus important to understanding functional abnormalities.

We have also discovered that increasing the intensity of the light brings out more corneal surface disorders details then we have every seen before. We are excited that we can see tear film flow that we missed with the slit lamp.  

Our research department makes our technology  available to all clinicians who has an interest in treating these disorders  special order 714 871-9221

Enhanced tear film analysis

The standard blue light interferes with the green fluorescent detail. By using a yellow filter the blue color is attenuated and the photographic detail is enhanced. The tear film and ocular surface disorders are easily seen. The legacy tear break up time can be videoed for more understanding of the tear film behavior. The images can be used to show the patient and evaluated the efficacy of treatment. The technology is ideal to evaluate different treatments. The before and after images help you decide on the type of drops, value of Restasis™️ and other meds in the category, punctal plugs, serum drops, meibomian treatments,etc