The best way to illustrate your EHR with photos!

Photos for Modernizing Medicine EHR


Revolutionary patient tool

Your photos go into your EHR through the free iCloud. 

Never move a patient since the device goes to any exam lane.

Productivity is increased since it never slows you down and photos are generously reimbursed


  • Photos describe pathology better than words 
  • Use previous photos to monitor changes in pathology
  • Patient understanding is aided with photos 
  • Insurance reimburses $20-$80 for medically necessary photos
  • iCloud automatically sends photos to EHR's or 
  • Airdrop/messenger to your patient
  • Provides legal documentation against malpractice

   With photos and videos like these, why pay more when the other cameras can slow you down?  See the comparison below:

Comparison of slit lamp photography equipment
Ocular surface disorders

Treat tear dysfunction, abnormal lid function and ocular surface disorders

EHR Photo of pterygium

 Follow changing conditions such as this pterygium

Meibomian gland dysfunction

Diagnose and treat meibomian gland dysfunction

Subtle drusen in macula

 Slit lamp examination and upload to EHR

Central serous choroidapathy

Record changes. Note elevation with our advanced lighting.

EyePhotoDoc Slit Lamp Adapter 

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iFundus ExamCam

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iSlit Lamp

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