Slit Lamp Photography

Slit Lamp Photography


Slit lamp photos with IPad and iPhones 

 Eyephotodoc packages for iPads start at $1600 and smartphones from $595 including collar and Background illuminator!

iPads or smartphones
iPads or smartphones

As practicing eye doctors we have revolutionized taking clinical photos.  The EyePhotoDoc is convenient to carry, simple to photograph, and easily place photos into your EHR.  There is no clunky beam splitters to degrade your image and clutter your slit lamp.  This is a complete professional photographic package including the EyePhotoDoc case for Apple devices, Background Illuminator and Eyepiece collar.  Click here to read about versatility of Apple devices

The ground breaking Dry Eye option with green meibography is transformational in diagnosis!  Gone are the days of the Schrimmer tests, TBUT, and serum osmolarity etc… Our dry eye diagnostic option shows the slightest punctate stain and also videos the tear film flow. We also can see the meibomian glands and vessels.  Click here for more information

Photos enhance our EHR charts and our reimbursable. Words simply do not describe findings as well as photos.  Slit lamp photography was difficult before the EyePhotoDoc.   The Apple camera automatically finds the optimal camera settings and you can compose it on the screen.  The smart device uploads your photo into your iCloud account and to all connected computers.  

Made for IPad or iphone
Made for IPad or iphone

Apple partner

Made for Apple products and now also all smartphones

Clinical photo using EyePhotoDoc™️
Clinical photo using EyePhotoDoc™️

No photographic experience is necessary to take slit lamp pictures.  

If you can take a picture on a phone,  you can take a slit lamp photo. The image on the screen allows perfect composition.  This is a transformational device for daily eyecare.....

Look how easy it goes on and off!

FaceTime video demonstration

Schedule a free 30 minute FaceTime demonstration  with us in the contact section. We do them Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Experience the ease of use and quality of photos.  

The most advanced dry eye photography ever!
The most advanced dry eye photography ever!

Photos can be used for diagnosis, and tracking treatment and in all your exam lanes

The EyePhotoDoc slit lamp camera is an inexpensive high quality camera adapter which is TRANSPORTABLE to all your exam lanes. You can now follow patients’ findings using past photos in any of your lanes. It never slows you down since the adapter slides on and off in seconds.  Never move a patient for a photo. 

Every diagnostic photo can be put into your EHR

You can easily send photos to any EHR. Click here to learn how to view a you tube video to set up a free account.

Universal receiver fits custom collars on your slit lamp
Universal receiver fits custom collars on your slit lamp

The EyePhotoDoc receiver fits on most scopes having our eyepiece collars. 

Simply use the same iPad or iPhone on all you slit lamps with an  ocular collar. Seen on the  left is the universal receiver that fits over our custom collars. See below

Custom eyepiece collars for Topcon, Haag-Streit, Marco....
Custom eyepiece collars for Topcon, Haag-Streit, Marco....

Exclusive custom Eyepiece Collars for all your slit lamps

Our  system of custom collars allows most slit lamp to fit our EyePhotoDoc cases. A small custom collar is left on each slit lamp eyepiece to fit the Eyephotodoc receiver. Click here to learn more. 


Slit lamp camera fits all smartphones
Slit lamp camera fits all smartphones

‘Universal’ smartphones Eyephotodoc only cases start at $595 and go up

We have added a new ‘Fits All’ smartphone case.  Almost any medical staff member’s smartphone will fit.  The case should be compatible with future phone upgrades. Click Fits-all  for more info

New LED Fluorescein wide field concentrator/exciter
New LED Fluorescein wide field concentrator/exciter

Follow and treat ocular surface disorders with astonishing detail!

DED has numerous findings. Word descriptions are not as useful as photos.   Our special Fluorescein LED exciter and yellow Wratten barrier filter blocks blue for superior visualization of punctate stain and tear film breakup time. 

Special installation help

Many of our customers and clinical research studies  have requested  a special FaceTime service for guided installation and basic use. Contact us for details. 

See more photos on our Instagram page link below

Tap to see photos

Clip on tower illuminator 

Every photographer knows lighting is critical. Through a decade of research, we have developed the perfect lighting for professional results. It clips on the light tower and has a color temperature correct LED and is rechargeable. An advanced system in a small package. 

Reading this web page is designed to be more informational than ČME credit. All our equipment is sold at our cost

All the techniques we discuss can be done with other cameras although we have maximized the results. Our commitment is to modernize health care for the benefits of the doctor and patient.    Dr. Clifford Terry

Collars for most slit lamps

We have collars that fit most slit lamps. However if you have a special slit lamp we do not have in our collar inventory we will send a caliper to measure it. Contact us for details. 

Clifford Terry,MD
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