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Uploading photos to Electronic Health Records

Upload to EHR

The photo can be put directly into many Electronic Heath Records. 

Seen here is EMA™ from Modernizing Medicine where the photo is taken directly from an iPad and conveniently put into the patient's file. 

How to transfer photos

 There are numerous ways to get photos into your electronic health records. The send to function will transmit photos to your windows computer. Next use your  EHR file management system to place it into the patient's record.  


  1. iCloud for  Apple and for Microsoft 
  2. Google pics for Microsoft and android 
  3. Airdrop
  4. Email
  5. SMS 

Hippa constraints

  Remember no names to be Hippa compliant!  Use your patient's identification numbers.  Many options below:
  1. All of the photos can go into the apple icloud. These are available on any computer linked to the same account. 
  2. Photo transfer apps are available from the App Store. The are in the Send to function so it is only a touch. The windows based computer needs the program downloaded from the web
If you have no experience with these programs go to YouTube for detailed explanations.

Airdrop patient's their photos

Use the Airdrop icon to send a photo  to your patient. To send it instantaneously turn on "Everyone" on both units from the start screen.

Using Apple notes hipaa compliant
Using Apple notes hipaa compliant

Use your Apple Notes app to store images and videos


The photos or videos can be uploaded directly to notes using the box with an arrow over it. Use the patient’s PIN (private identification number) to be hipaa compliant. This allows you to find a file on your browser!  You can add the most current photo to that file for tracking a disorder.