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Slit Lamp Photography Systems for iPad & iPhone by EyePhotoDoc™️ International

Video iSlit Lamp by EyePhotoDoc™️

Versatility for your practice over shakey portable slit lamps

We frequently  needed a high quality portable slit lamp. Our team was inspired by the age old frustration of a less than adequate hospital exam.   The old style handheld slit lamps are hard to use because they are not steady.

Our I-slit lamp resolves these issues. Apple put advanced technology in their cameras  steadies the image! Furthermore we can take a high quality photo for the record.

 Now take a picture anywhere: in a bed, wheel chair or gurney. No more shoving a short fat person into your unfriendly chair and stand. 

  • Never move a patient from a wheelchair
  • Use in hospitals
  • Mission work
  • Nursing care facilities

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iPhone slit lamp.  $ 1995  

I Pad  slit lamp $2050

Portable slit lamp for iPhone showing granular dystrophy
Portable slit lamp for iPhone showing granular dystrophy

I slit lamp for iPhone $1995

Fits most iPhones

Portable slit lamp for iPad Mini
Portable slit lamp for iPad Mini

iPads $2050

Fits most iPads. $2050

Best devices

The latest iPhones (7 Plus, 8 Plus and X) have a telephoto lens that acts to give optical magnification. Combined with our optics and Apple's video stabilization, it allows 4K video that is as stunning as the demonstrations seen at Costco or Best Buy!  Rarely does a product exceed the expectations of its designer as this has.

Clifford Terry,MD